Songs Of Hope…

by Rosalie Dores on 11th July 2016

Recent world events can trouble even the most equanimous of hearts. This poem has offered inspiration, and hope at these difficult times. Listen out for the birdsong…


Birdsong From My Patio


‘Despair so easy, hope so hard to bear’

Thomas Mcgrath


I’ve never heard this much song,

trills as pure as crystal bells.

but not like bells:alive, small rushes

of air from the tiny plush lungs

of birds tucked in among the stiff

leaves of the olive and almond

the lemon with hard green studs.

As the sun slides down newborn

from thick muscled clouds

their glittering voices catch the light

like bits of twirling aluminium

I picture their wrinkled feet

curled around thin branches,

absorbing pesticide.

I see them preening, tainted

feathers sliding through their glossy tongues.

They’re feeding on contaminated insects,

wild seeds glistening with acid rain.

And their porous, thin-shelled eggs,

blush or milky or speckled

lying doomed in each

intricate nest. Everything

is drenched with loss:

the wood thrush and starling,

the unripe fruit of the lemon tree.

With all that’s been ruined

these songs impale the air

with their sharp, insistent needles.

by Ellen Bass


Image courtesy Anita Klein