Personal Practice Mentoring

I offer one-to-one personal practice mentoring sessions with people who have completed an eight-week mindfulness course. I offer this through the Mindfulness Network.

Personal practice mentoring supports the process of reflection through a deepening inquiry into one’s ongoing formal and informal practice. It encourages exploration and discovery, and provides support and guidance where needed. It helps to keep practice engaged and alive, and supports skilful engagement with obstacles that may arise.

Personal practice mentoring can be beneficial for: those who wish to enrich and deepen their practice; those who are encountering obstacles; or for those who would benefit from a supportive space in which to  reflect and renew  their inspiration and focus. I am available to offer support and guidance with various aspects of practice, including:

  • Formal and informal mindfulness practices
  • Loving kindness and other befriending practices
  • Integration of mindfulness in everyday life
  • Learning to embody the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness in our lives

Contact me or make an application through The Mindfulness Network