Relational mindfulness

The Relational Mindfulness Programme offers a bridge between our solitary meditation practice, and our relational lives. This eight-week course has been developed by the Centre for Mindfulness and the Insight Dialogue Foundation in the US, to support MBSR graduates in integrating mindfulness practice into their interactions with others.

The Relational Mindfulness course is an opportunity for practitioners to deepen and refine their meditation practice and extend this into their relational lives. Much of our stress and challenge happens in relationship with others, and yet we give so little time to developing skills to work with this. Learning how to bring the calm and concentration developed in meditation practice into our relationships can be life enhancing, enriching, deeply satisfying and potentially joyful.  During the course, we will bring together the power of mindfulness, deep listening and foundational teachings drawn from the study of human psychology and ancient wisdom traditions. As a result you will deepen self-understanding, develop greater authenticity, relational confidence, self-compassion and compassion for others, deepen empathy and self-enquiry.

This course is suitable for people with meditative experience. The course consists of eight, two and a half hour sessions, as well as two sessions within a full day of practice. You will learn six meditative guidelines that can be integrated into your way of being in relationship. We will spend periods in silent meditation and in relational meditation. The relational meditations will take place in pairs and small groups where we will work with carefully timed and guided contemplations, to deepen understanding of relational patterns, and learn more skill full ways of being in relationship.

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You will learn:

  • Meditative guidelines that will support you in embodying greater awareness in interactions with others, and enable you to be more fully present.
  • To recognise emotional and psychological patterns of reactivity, that otherwise go unnoticed in the flow of everyday interactions.
  • To develop a greater range of options in communicating with skill and clarity.
  • To increase relational confidence and experience greater ease in relationships, both with yourself and others.
  • To deepen connection and intimacy with others, as well as an increased capacity for empathy.

The course has shown me new possibilities for interacting with people; how I can access more choice and begin to overcome unhelpful habits to make way for more satisfying and authentic interactions. By giving me a taster of how that feels in a formal setting it’s helped me to orientate myself towards finding more of it in my daily life. At times I felt as though I was experiencing true ‘confidence’ for the first time.

Sarah - Teacher