Mindfulness supervision is a regular space that is contracted between supervisor or supervisees, which enables reflection on the supervisee's mindfulness teaching practice and their life. The process is dedicated to developing and deepening the growth understand and effectiveness of the supervisee's application of mindfulness, both personally and in their personal life.

I offer mindfulness-based supervision for the Mindfulness Network . I have completed supervision training with the Centre For Mindfulness Research at Bangor University and am experienced in working the with the MBI-TAC, teacher assessment criteria. I supervise new and established teachers, who have completed a recognised teacher training pathway, and who teach an accredited mindfulness-based intervention. I work on Skype or the telephone.

Ongoing supervision is a requirement of the UK Good Guidelines for Practice for mindfulness teachers.

My experience and training as a mindfulness teacher, supervisor and Interpersonal Mindfulness Practitioner combine to provide supervisee’s with an experienced, knowledgable, sensitive and intuitive guide and support for their teaching, and personal practice.

I conduct my supervision practice under the auspices of The Mindfulness Network CIC.



Read my blog on supervision at The Mindfulness Network CIC website:

Mindfulness-based supervision is fundamentally relational. There are professional boundaries holding the relationship, in terms of payment, time frames and confidentiality. However, there are no rules in terms of what might unfold within the session. It is a dynamic and vital process responsive to each unique supervision relationship. It is a process of mutual learning and unfolding. Although there may be pre-planned themes or topics for exploration, the primary emphasis is on meeting in the immediacy of emergent moment-to-moment experience. We enquire together in what Crane et al (2014) call ‘disciplined improvisation.’ This is essentially a maieutic process – the supervisor akin to a midwife, facilitating through elicitation, the tacit knowing of the supervisee into conscious awareness. I am reminded of the words of Italian sculptor Michelangelo who said, ‘ Every block of stone has a statue inside it, it is the job of the sculptor to find it.’ This is a relevant analogy for the supervision process. Supervisor and supervisee show up, exploring together what might emerge from the supervision process.’

Supervision Options:

  • Initial consultation - £35
  • 1 hour - £65 or 3 sessions, within 3 months £165
  • Watching videos and providing feedback - £50 ( for 60 mins)
  • Shared supervision ( two people teaching the same course) - £75
  • Group supervision - £100 per hour ( negotiable