My eight-week MBSR and MBCT courses are grounded in the research and practice of John Kabat Zinn and colleagues at the Umass medical centre, Massachusetts; Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy as devised by Williams, Teasdale and Zegal; and the work of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, Wales.

I offer three ways of learning mindfulness; participation in a group, distance learning and one-to-one.

Home practice forms the primary mode of learning for all courses and you will be encouraged to set aside time each day for formal meditation practice, listening and practicing with CD’s, some short diary entries, and integrating mindfulness into your daily life.

All courses include:

  • Eight weekly sessions, plus a full day of practice.
  • Instruction in mindfulness meditation and gentle movement meditations.
  • Facilitated dialogues to develop and support understanding and learning.
  • Guidance and support tailored to participants individual learning needs.
  • Daily assignments to encourage the integration of mindfulness into daily life and a custom made home practice guidebook to support learning.
  • Three custom made guided meditation CD's/MP3's to support home practice.

Rosalie, you built in and around us a haven of trust, patience, letting go, non striving, acceptance of things as they are, and suspension of judgement because you were the embodiment of these things. You welcomed the silences and pauses as much as the talking, never over analysing and using just enough words to convey to us some very useful and interesting ideas, succinctly and with complete focus. The poems and stories you read to us were all, without exception, moving and so well chosen - bringing the 'beginner's mind' or the childlike wonder which poetry and stories can immediately create. There was an atmosphere of respect and honesty and compassion. I felt safe at all times. You helped me realise how things could be eventually with regular commitment to practice, and you inspired me to follow on with this.

Bibi Basch - Photographer