Mindful Focusing Course

Have you ever had a gut feeling or felt sense about someone or something? Or felt an intuitive instinct towards a situation?
With the practice of focusing, we can learn to harness these bodily messages and to interpret our unique inner language.

What Is Focusing?

Based on methodology developed by award-winning psychologist Dr. Eugene Gendlin, mindful focusing is a contemplative mindfulness technique.

Amidst the busyness and complexity of life, it can be difficult to ‘hear’ the body’s ‘whispers’ of intuition or inner knowing. In order to hear better, we can follow a process of consciously entering into relationship with this inner experience.

Helping us to explore what is behind our felt sense within the body to better understand ourselves, focusing can support us to find greater personal insight, manage difficult situations, find our creativity and make changes within our lives. It is a gentle practice, which can support us in accessing our inner wisdom.

Focusing complements mindfulness practice, supporting us to enquire more deeply. Orienting to experience can also open up the potential for greater self-compassion and wisdom.


About the Course

During this course we will learn more about the practice of focusing before developing our own practical skills.

Focusing can be practiced alone, however it is commonly practiced with the supportive presence of a listener. For this reason, the course will include pair work with teaching guidance.

In practicing together, a listener is non-judgmentally present with the focuser. The focuser enters into the process of listening in to their felt experience and articulates what is happening. The listener, with the focusers’ permission, repeats back key words and phrases, that are heard.

The course will be experiential, including guided exercises, discussion and theory.

The outline of the course includes:

  • An introduction to mindful focusing
  • Principles of listening to our inner experience
  • Principles of listening to those around us
  • The opportunity to apply learning and practice mindful focusing

During this course there will be limited formal meditation practice. You will be guided to share your experience and offered tools to take away and explore further.