Mindful Eating Programme



Are you an emotional eater? Eat when you are stressed, down or bored?

Are you addicted to sugary foods?

Do you regularly diet only to regain weight a short while after?

Have you tried to implement a healthy diet, only to find you are unable to sustain it?

Try an approach to eating healthily that not only helps you to lose weight, but teaches you life-long skills to live well  in other areas of your life. 


Learn to eat in healthier ways with the Eat Right Now app based programme. Each day you will tap into one of 30 short video modules, that includes in-the-moment mindfulness practice, as well meeting weekly with Rosalie and other participants. In this way you are supported each step of the way to develop your mindfulness skills. The app is suitable for iPhone or Android smartphones.

The Eat Right Now mindful eating course has been developed by Professor Judson Brewer, scientist, researcher, and expert in addictive behaviours. The course  integrates mindfulness meditation practices with scientific insights about habitual eating. While participating in the course you will learn what is happening when you compulsively eat foods that you know aren’t good for you, for one reason or another. With this knowledge at your fingertips, and the discipline developed through your mindfulness practices, you will be able to make choices that enhance your well-being rather than undermine it.

Listen to Judson speaking about habit on TED.

You will learn:

  • Mindfulness skills
  • How mindfulness works, particularly in relationship to eating
  • How we form habits
  • How to work with cravings
  • How to respond to compulsive eating triggers
  • How to work with emotions
  • How to identify stress versus hunger
  • How to set bite sized goals, and how to get back on track when you slip off