Deepening Mindfulness

Difficulties sustaining your mindfulness practice. This course could be just what you need to get you on track...

Many people experience significant change while engaged with the eight-week MBSR course, and express a deep desire to continue with the practice.  However, once they have completed the course many struggle, either to sustain a meditation practice, or with feeling nourished by the practice they do. The Deepening Mindfulness course has been designed with this in mind.

The course involves six evening meetings, of two and a quarter hours, which include meditation practice, group dialogue and pair work, as well as poetry and readings, a full day of silent practice, and a 20 minute personal practice interview with Rosalie.

Home practice is a central component of the course and you will be encouraged to practice with guided meditation CD’s six times per week, as best you can. You will also be provided with reading materials and worksheets to support you in deepening your practice.

You will learn:

  • What supports you in developing a sustainable mindfulness practice.
  • What factors get in the way of your mindfulness practice, and how to work with these.
  • How to apply intention and attention in ways that support a growing understanding of what makes you tick.
  • To recognise what you need to thrive, and how to ensure that these needs are met.
  • How to sustain a sense of curiosity and interest with regard to your mindfulness practice, and to your everyday life.

Doing the course, has overall, been a very rich experience, which I feel has given me more knowledge and confidence to keep up my practice and incorporate mindfulness into daily life.

Jenny Daly - Mental Health Worker