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As humans we are exquisitely sensitive, every moment awash in a sea of contact. Sensing, feeling, perceiving, and thinking, we create our world. Can we cultivate awareness in these dynamic moments of contact? Is it possible that human relationships are one of the best fields for cultivating mindfulness?

In Insight Dialogue the awareness, mental stability, and calmness associated with silent meditation are developed in practice with others. Practicing with the six Insight Dialogue guidelines, one learns to pause out of the habit mind, notice tensions and relax, kindly accept present moment experience, open awareness, atune to emergence, listen deeply and speak the truth of our subjective experience.

Seeing and being seen, hearing and being heard, the heart and mind open, and greater mental flexibility and resiliency develop. The three bases of Insight Dialogue – meditation, wisdom, and relationship – form the foundation and a path of unbinding in the good company of other meditators.

This retreat combines silent practice with carefully guided Insight Dialogue meditation, talks from the teachers, mindful movement, and time too for informal practice, all within the container of noble silence. This is an opportunity to encounter Insight Dialogue for the first time, and for experienced ID meditators to deepen their practice.  The retreat is not aimed at preparing people to teach interpersonal mindfulness but rather to experience for themselves the practices that support mindful presence in the midst of relationship.




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