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Cultivating A Core Competency- Relational Mindfulness Training Workshop


About this course

In this one-day workshop, based on the meditative practice of Insight Dialogue (ID), we will focus on relationality, in and of itself. This is an opportunity for mindfulness-based teachers to refine, enhance and attune their interpersonal skills through learning six ID relational meditation guidelines. These guidelines have been developed by Insight meditation teacher Gregory Kramer, to support people in cultivating their capacity for mindful presence in relationship. As such, each guideline facilitates a deepening in connection to oneself, to the ‘other’ and to ‘the between’ – ‘I’, ‘You’ and ‘We.’ Meditating together in dyads and small groups, we will undertake formal, guided relational meditation practices.

The workshop is for experienced and beginner mindfulness-based teachers, mindfulness-based supervisors and mentors, anyone facilitating groups or working on a one-to-one basis.


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